Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How To Begin Making Wire Jewelry

I've been thinking about starting this blog for several months now but since jewelry making is primarily a visual thing, I was left  mulling on the advantages of a blog. I'm a bit surprised though that I seem to have a good deal to say to my readers about making wire jewelry that doesn't require pictures. For example, I wrote this article called, "How To Start Making Wire Jewelry" a few months ago: .

The article describes the way I typically think about jewelry techniques and describes a rather methodical way of using several variables (ie; wires, different types and sizes, patinas) and dowels (those round, hollow brass ones you get in hobby stores) to make a wide variety of wire beads for earrings. For anyone wanting to start making wire jewelry, I thought this might present a good and easy way of getting comfortable with the wire which is a critical first step. You need to get the "feel" of the stuff first, master what can feel unwieldy in the beginning and then move on to some simple techniques like braiding, weaving, etc. Take a read on the article and see if it suits you.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

About This Blog

I've been an art jeweler for many years and I specialize in wire jewelry, woven wire jewelry. I work hard to create new techniques for wire jewelry and I started this blog mostly due to the lack of good, new techniques available. I also want to share some of my own techniques and maybe show folks that there's a different way to approach wire jewelry making. It's very possible to make stunningly beautiful wire jewelry using some very simple techniques. I'll be talking about that a lot so please stay tuned.