Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Making Fork Jewelry

I've just come across something rather unusual in making jewelry: how to make fork jewelry! While my first encounter with jewelry made from forks was in the 1970's, today's fork jewelry is far more sophisticated and I think, appealing. Back in those hippie days, you could pretty much tell that utensil jewelry was really made from well, kitchen utensils. Nowadays, this type of jewelry making can tell you how to imbed gorgeous stones using the tines of the fork in a flowing kind of fashion. The results are nothing short of amazing! Seeing is truly believing where fork jewelry is involved. I was so excited about this new product that I started a completely new blog about making jewelry from forks.

There's a very short video on exactly how to go about making bracelets and necklaces from forks available here. I've decided to affiliate with this product and as such, do get remuneration should you choose to purchase the DVD although I'm far more interested in providing new and interesting educational resources for my readers. One of my main interests in presenting this to you is that making fork jewelry is a ready entry point for anyone wanting to either learn jewelry making as a beginner or anyone just wanting to expand their skills. Making fork jewelry is relatively simple compared to other metalsmithing projects. It's one of those few art jeweler skills that offers nearly immediate gratification. Now, what's better than that?

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