Monday, September 20, 2010

Review of the DVD On Making Fork Jewelry

Another Photo of a Fork Bracelet
I just had an article published called, What Makes Fork Jewelry So Appealing? that you might find interesting. I'll admit that this was a bit of a diversion for me but I thoroughly enjoyed the writing of it. I spent some time researching the history of the fork just because the whole idea of making jewelry from utensils is such a quick way for beginners to learn about making this very fast jewelry.

Learning to make real silver jewelry from forks is viable for anyone who's always wanted to make jewelry. In the process of learning how to say, make either bracelets or necklaces from forks, you also get to acquire some pretty quick but essential metalsmithing techniques. Like polishing and grinding, smoothing out your metal and adding all that shine that makes metal jewelry so appealing.

Since there's no annealing (heating) or fire necessary in the most recent DVD on Making Fork Jewelry, this method of making jewelry is especially appealing for beginners or novices to metalsmithing (making metal jewelry from scratch). There is so much to learn as a metalsmith that it can be overwhelming for quite awhile. Metal just isn't that forgiving and if you make a mistake and put a ding in something, it can take hours to remedy it.

Making jewelry from utensils though helps you avoid a lot of that frustration. I recently had the chance to review the DVD Making Fork Jewelry: How To Make Amazingly Unique Fork Bracelets and Necklaces by Maryanne Cherubino and was pleasantly surprised at how remarkably easy it is to do. In this DVD, Ms. Cherubino deftly walks you thru making TWO fork bracelets and a necklace to boot. The video is only around an hour long and by the time you're done, you have all the knowledge you need to make the pieces. Given the speed of working with already made forks, I believe you could make a few, if not several, within an hour or so. What other beautifully made, complex looking silver jewelry could you make that quickly? and also have it look professionally made? Being able to play off of the intricately designed forks is a sure fire leg up as well as wonderful inspiration.

In any event, there's a quick video on the process that's available to view before you purchase the whole DVD. If you're at all intrigued by the idea of learning to make jewelry from forks, I'd suggest you check it out HERE. I hope you'll be as enticed as I was.

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