Thursday, July 21, 2011

Make A Hollow Wire Sugar Cube Bead YouTube Video

I've just put up my first YouTube Video, Make A Hollow Wire Sugar Cube Bead, and you can just CLICK HERE to see it. The video is just short of four minutes long and will show you a variation on one of the best beads in from my book, Make Wire Beads. Just a little trick with the wire, a dowel and a sugar cube is all it takes to make these amazingly gorgeous little beads. Plus, well, it's just fun to make sugar cube beads.

You can also dowload a free pdf copy of the instructions for making this bead at Beadifferent Press. Just go to the site by CLICKING HERE and under free tutorials, you'll find the sugar cube bead download as well as some other free tutorials, thanks.

There's also a review of the 2011 Make Wire Beads book HERE and more information about making wire beads HERE.

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